In-App Chat and Messaging Use Cases

On-demand (O2O) O2O adds up convenience to communication between User and Service provider.

Readily available communication channel that bridges up the gap between User and Service providers.

Rather than Call and Text In-App Chat, it provides smooth user experience that helps to avoid switch back and forth between multiple applications.

In-App messaging is a lot more affordable on a large scale than SMS.

On-demand (O2O)

E-commerceIt drives flexible communication from Buyer to Seller.

Instead of guessing user behaviors and needs, now, sellers can chat with users who are on the site or in-app to help them search for exactly what they want.

Reduced Marketing cost. In App messages are a lot more cheaper than SMS and E-mails.

Change the way buyers shop online. Buyers have the flexibility to shop on-the-go with Channelize.

Community /Content / MediaMakes communication delightful between User to User .

Let your users say, sing and shout-out-loud their messages with In-App chat and build up improved engagements.

Drive fast and easy way to enhance user engagement. Let users make video calls instantly and get in touch with users in a more improved way.

Studies have shown In-App chat as a tool product managers can wield to help delay the attrition of acquired users.

Community /Content / Media

DatingLet users find their better half quickly.

Now dating apps main goal has changed from gaining a large pool of profiles and increasing match volume to retaining users and continuously bring them back to the service.

In-App chat offers interesting, intriguing features that drives improved user engagement.

Dating apps like Tinder have proven the value of in-app messaging as a core feature. In-app Chat innovate user experience and working as a new medium for additional sales generation.

HealthCare Health is Wealth! Let users improve their health easily. It facilitates flexible communication between Patient to Doctor, Doctor to Doctor or Patient to Patient easily:

Users can be in touch with physicians at all times. Ideal for post-hospitalization care, effective drug management and emergencies.

In-App messaging allows sharing of medical reports spontaneously.

Patient Centric Group conversation brings the complete healthcare team together for powerful team dialogue.


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