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Live Shopping For Shoplazza

Maximize the potential of Live Shopping by incorporating Live Shopping App into your Shoplazza Store.

Sell Live & Boost Sales

Captivate online shoppers through a compelling, interactive, and immersive Live Selling experience, effectively boosting Conversion Rates.

  • Introduce new products and highlight their applications to attract Buyers
  • Provide enticing shopping experiences that build Brand Awareness
  • Connect with today's shoppers wherever they are and enhance Product Experiences

Sell Live & Drive Customer Engagement

Harness the exceptional capabilities of our Live Shopping App to drive Sales, while delivering meaningful shopping experiences that resonate with shoppers and foster long-term customer Loyalty and Value.

  • Engage in real-time interactions and retarget Buyers effectively
  • Engage in Live Chats with buyers and promptly address their inquiries
  • Gain valuable insights into product performance and optimize business outcomes is proven to




Increase in Buyer Retention


Higher Sales

Unlock the potential of selling effectively

See how can redefine your E-commerce experience and drive unprecedented growth.