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Shoppable Videos

Add Video-Powered Buying Experiences via Shoppable Videos.

Make your Products come alive, one Video at a time. Let our Shoppable Videos be the ultimate way for your Shoppers to discover your Products, and make informed purchases with ease.

Here's how Shoppable Videos drive conversions and ecommerce growth

Time on Site


Sales Conversion Rate of upto


Guranteed ROI



Innovative Ecommerce Brands believe in Channelize.io Video Commerce Platform

How it works?

Easy Steps to make your Videos Shoppable with Channelize.io.

Step 1:

Upload a Video. Repurpose your Instagram reels, TikTok videos and YouTube videos.

Step 2:

Select Products for Shoppable Feed: Choose from your Store, or add a Product URL

Step 3:

Now simply publish the Shoppable Video on any page of your website! Voilà! Easy, isn't it?

Step 4:

Track Engagement & Sales. Keep an eye on how many eyeballs your videos gain! See your Sales growing

Captivate & convert buyers with Channelize.io's interactive Shoppable Videos

Easy Integration

  • Effortlessly integrate into your existing Ecommerce Websites or Apps for a seamless experience.

Mobile Optimized, Adaptive Design

  • Our widgets adapt to any screen resolution to provide optimized video viewing and shopping experience on any device.

Showcase Multiple Products

  • Highlight single or multiple products in a single video, maximizing interaction with your products.

Protects your Site Speed

  • Channelize.io's light script with lazy loading adds Shoppable Videos on your site without impacting page speed.

Completely Customizable

  • Customize to match with all your branding elements, including adding your Logo on the player.

In-Video Cart Management

  • Increase conversions with Shopping Cart embedded within the Shoppable Video, and quick flow to checkout from your videos.

Multi-Page Embedding

  • Embed Shoppable Videos across multiple pages, driving conversions throughout your website.

Share with Ease

  • Shareable Video Links for easy sharing on Social Media to spread the word about your products, reaching more potential customers.

Powerful Analytics

  • Gain valuable insights into buyer behavior and video performance, and make data-driven decisions to boost Sales and Engagement.

Turn viewers into buyers with immersive Shoppable Videos

See how Channelize.io can redefine your E-commerce experience and drive unprecedented growth.