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At, our mission has always been to redefine how E-commerce and D2C Brands engage with buyers and Promote and Sell Products. With our arsenal of Video Commerce Solutions, we're taking this experience to an entirely new level.

Do you want to help your customers succeed with Video Commerce, Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos? Then you’re the perfect match for our Partnership program.

Partnership Program Features

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive Partner Program offerings and benefits

Effortlessly integrate into your existing Ecommerce Websites or Apps for a seamless experience.

Training & Onboarding

  • Thorough training & onboarding to understand the Platform, its features, and how to effectively market and sell it.
Our widgets adapt to any screen resolution to provide optimized video viewing and shopping experience on any devic

Access to Product Updates

  • Early access to the latest product updates, enhancements, and new features to stay competitive in the market.
Highlight single or multiple products in a single video, maximizing interaction with your products

Co- Marketing

  • Joint marketing campaigns and co-branded materials that help our partners promote the product to their audience and expand its reach.'s light script with lazy loading adds Shoppable Videos on your site without impacting page speed

Revenue Sharing

  • Drive sales and promote our platform to earn generous monthly rewards based on your onboard clients' pricing plan.
Customize to match all your branding elements, including adding your Logo on the player

Deal Registration & Protection

  • A deal registration system to protect partner-sourced opportunities and ensure fair compensation for their efforts.
Increase conversions with Shopping Cart embedded within the Shoppable Video, and quick flow to checkout from your videos.

Dedicated Support

  • Access to a dedicated support team to assist with any inquiries, technical issues, or customer concerns.

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