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Our mission at is to Revolutionize Online Retail! is an end-to-end Video Commerce enabler that enables E-Commerce Brands to add Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos within their Websites and Apps.

Some Highlights of our Platform

Enables Consumer Brands across Industries, D2C Brands, and E-commerce Merchants to leverage the power of Live Selling, Real-time Buyer Engagement and Shoppable Videos to Accelerate Sales, Drive Authentic Customer Engagement and Enhance Brand Perception. offers API, SDKs, and UI kits for integration in Web & Mobile Apps

Offers API, SDKs, and UI kits for integration in web and mobile applications. offers Pre-built Integrations for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop etc which make adoption of the platform easy for brands

Pre-built Integrations for popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop which make adoption of the platform very easy for brands.

Leverage Embed Code Feature with & Embed Live Shopping Shows directly on any Webpage

Enables D2C Brands and E-commerce Merchants to leverage Embed Code Feature and Embed Live Shopping Shows directly on any Webpage. offers live product promotion, spotlight, chat, analytics, multi-host streaming, and more for an enhanced shopping experience

Offers powerful features like In-show Products Promotion, Product Spotlight, Add-to-Cart, Live Chat with Pinned Messages, Shopping Show Analytics, Mini Player, Custom RTMP Support etc

Transform ecommerce with end-to-end Video Commerce, adding Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos to websites & apps with

Our Belief

The way brands have been selling online is dying. There is limited product experience to motivate a purchase, the image and textual information is inadequate, and there is no Engagement and Personalization. Making things more difficult, brands & sellers are also facing many other challenges like low conversion rates, and of course, there is a lot of Competition. has flipped the notion of traditional, stagnant online shopping and re-invented it through Video Commerce.

Elevate your ecommerce experience with by integrating comprehensive Video Commerce, Live Shopping, and Shoppable Videos into websites and apps

Our Values

Our values of innovation, empathy, commitment, and transparency guide our every action, ensuring we deliver exceptional service and build lasting trust.

Live Shopping Platform for Ecommerce Brands to Sell Live, Promote Products, Boost Sales & Engage Buyers


We constantly rethink and repurpose the way we use technology in order to challenge the traditional way of doing things

Boost Sales with Live Shopping Platform. Engage in real-time, promote products & leverage recordings & Analytics


We understand your fears when it comes to trying a new platform, which is why we constantly listen to you and prepare you with everything you need.

Maximize e-commerce potential using Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos for an advanced online Selling experience

Work to Completion

We are intensely focused on our goals and customers and constantly say no to other deviations clamoring for our attention.

Elevate your E-commerce experience with Shoppable Videos that allow instant Purchases, & drive Buyer Engagement & Sales


Our commitment to transparency with our clients is what has helped us establish a level of trust that would otherwise not have been possible.

Our Culture

Here, at, we foster a climate where our team enjoys a Communicative and Transparent working environment allowing every team member to voluntarily communicate their views, accord opinions, and thus acquire knowledge on new things.

Sell your products on shoppable platform

Unlock the potential of selling effectively

See how can redefine your E-commerce experience and drive unprecedented growth.