Who we are and What we do?

Channelize.io adds In-App User-to-User Communication into Mobile Apps & Websites, with rich & engaging Text Chat, Video and Audio Calling experiences, to Increase User Engagement and Enable new Revenue Streams.

Channelize.io is a Communications-Platform-as-a-Service product. A Community Messenger Builders that enable businesses to provide messaging to their own users, customers or partners, in self-branded manner, either as stand-alone application, or integrated into their existing website & apps.

Depending on the type of business (Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, On-Demand, FinTech, Online Communities, etc), this communication can serve different use cases, and open unexplored avenues for growth. Examples: Interactions between Doctor & Patients, Teacher & Students, Sellers & Buyers, Users on Niche Dating/Matrimonial Communities, etc. on their own Web/Mobile Apps.

For many businesses, real-time communication can bring a lot of efficiencies and reduce capital spends. While popular apps like WhatsApp have educated consumers about messaging & video calling, businesses have yet not been able to leverage such mediums. Though apps like WhatsApp for Business and Facebook Messenger provide offerings for businesses, their experience is not seamless and is very generic. Our realisation of this void, coupled with flexibility around metrics and concerns about Privacy led us to build Channelize.io.

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