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Live Shopping for Food & Beverages Industry

With Live Shopping for Food & Beverages Industry Empower Real-time Customer Engagement and generate New Sales!

Make Live Shopping and Real-Time Buyer Engagement part of your marketing strategy and boost sales.

Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage industry
Food & Beverage Brands using Live Shopping Platform to boost sales

Live Shopping for Food & Beverages Industry integrates a sense of engagement that instigates buyers to check out, and try out, your products and services in an instant. It not only enhances the shopping and entertainment experience, but it also allows buyers to see faces and voice behind a brand in an unfiltered way.

With Live Stream Shopping Platform, brands can directly engage with their customers in real-time, which is particularly important when brands want to have improved sales conversion rate, net promoter score and repeat customer rate while maximizing customer reach.

Live video ecommerce can help new age F&B brands and the restaurant industry get the large scale in customer-reach that is important for success. It also adds personal touch, adds trust to your brand image while you generate live streaming sales.

You can have fitness influencers host live events wherein the influencer can boost excitement among the target audience by indulging in Q & A sessions, hosting giveaways and offering deals and discounts. You can also push the audience to engage more by testing their knowledge with trivia, asking questions with polls, or creating competition with predictions and rewarding winners.

All live streaming shopping shows can be recorded and past shows can be used for video commerce later. Easily promote your upcoming, live and past shows via Social Media to create buzz, get traffic and increase sales. This is an effective strategy to target marketing strategy in the food and beverage industry.

Food & Beverage Brands using Live Shopping Platform to boost sales

Use cases of Live Shopping for Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Brands using Live Shopping Platform to boost sales
  • Product unboxing and demos

  • Launching new products and flavours

  • Selling festival hampers, special editions and deals

  • Streaming complementary content like health tips, leading to brand loyalty Example: Conducting morning pilates or yoga sessions while showcasing the available breakfast options

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  • A chef showing backstage of a fine-dining restaurant while offering a discount on booking

  • Leveraging Partner content: Yoga instructor conducting a live Yoga session and offering 3 days free trial to your brand’s audience

  • Share brand stories and testimonials of clients

  • A celebrity going live to give fitness tips while promoting a health supplement

  • Breweries and wineries hosting live tasting sessions, while offering winery tours for customers that place orders during live shows

Live Shopping Success Story

Good Avenue, an online store that sells kitchenware and healthcare products etc of various brands turned to Live Stream Shopping Platform and is witnessing massive success. Our platform allows consumers to gain insight into how the brand conceptualizes, manufactures, and delivers products. Additionally, it is helping the brand to tell their stories better, thereby increasing sales.

Hyväkakku, a cake-based brand, is leveraging Livestream Shopping Platform to conduct specialized Live Shopping Shows to promote and sell cakes. Selling live establishes a seamless shopping experience with quick and informative purchases by their buyers. This also led to more customers knowing about their brand, as the brand presented itself in an intuitive way.

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