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Live Stream Shopping for Wix

By integrating the Live Shopping & Video Streams App with your Wix store, you can get started with Live Streaming E-commerce in minutes. Live Shopping App for Wix Integration

Sell Live & Boost Sales

By hosting interactive Live Shopping Shows, you can increase Add-to-Cart Rates and drive Product Sales.

  • By building trust with your buyers, you can improve Brand Loyalty and Affinity
  • Interact in real-time, Generate Leads, and Retarget Customers
  • Host product demonstrations & launches, giveaways, live contests and offer promotional discounts

Sell Live & Drive Customer Engagement

Use the Live Stream Shopping App to create Sales-oriented Live Shows with entertaining content.

  • Pin messages to highlight limited-time offers, discounts, and coupon codes
  • Access post-show Engagement and Sales Analytics to help you plan future shows
  • Without leaving a Live Shopping Show, shoppers can seamlessly add items to their carts and Shop in real-time
Live Stream Shopping for Wix Merchants to Boost Sales & Customer Engagement is proven to


Higher Conversion Rates


of engaged buyers Add Products to their Cart during a Live Show



Unlock the potential of selling effectively

See how can redefine your E-commerce experience and drive unprecedented growth.