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Messaging that leads to Increased Revenue for your eCommerce Platform

The modern marketplace is a buzzing hive of commerce, optimism, business dynamism, and trade interactions. Digital technologies, such as the developer tool for real-time in-app communications can be deployed to boost the interactive quotient within apps. The product can animate real-time messaging platforms with a view to connect buyers, sellers, and service providers. Such connections allow every actor to make informed decisions and transact at a faster pace.

The developer tool enables websites and apps to create and customize high-conversion messaging experiences with our SDKs, APIs, and infrastructure. It is versatile enough to power connections across any platform, whether on mobile or on the Web. Push and custom notifications allow you to boost the quality of communication through the use of video, images, and audio.

Online marketplaces are primarily of 2 types: Service Marketplaces (with Service Providers) and Product Marketplaces (with Sellers). powered communication has the potential to facilitate interaction, increased transactions, and improved customer satisfaction on all of these. Many popular marketplaces like Etsy, Airbnb, Uber, Upwork, Fiverr, etc are leveraging service provider / seller to customer communication for growth.

In-app chats deliver tremendous value to enterprises by promoting higher levels of interaction among customers, members and partners. Such interactions promote trust in marketplaces, thus driving more transactions. Customers would prefer to enquire about products and services directly from the sellers / service providers, and are likely to get better answers from them, rather than through customer support.

With powered messaging in your app, service providers / sellers and customers can communicate, without knowing each other’s contact information. This not only keeps users’ private information safe from misuse or any form of harassment, but also greatly reduces chances of churn, where your service providers and customers may by-pass your platform.

We value the safety and security of our clients. In line with this, the developer tool offers in-built moderation tools that can work in both manual and automated modes. These help protect a client's brand reputation and safeguard user information in the marketplace.

In this context, the product offers fully managed messaging infrastructure that delivers emphatic benefits to clients and customers. We ensure that our messaging system integrates smoothly into a client's existing website and applications, while continuing to generate incrementally greater business impact.

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