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Increase conversions by enabling more Communication Points inside your platform

Personal interactions have emerged as the Holy Grail in the modern banking & financial services industry. Observers in the industry note bankers and providers of financial services are relentlessly pursuing the implementation of digital technology (in its many forms) as part of efforts to drive new business and enhance mind share among customers. And one technology which is giving them multiplied returns is enabling real-time communication.

Our product’s in-app messaging features can drive higher levels of engagement between financial institutions and their customers, ultimately resulting in higher returns.

Our chat API has been engineered to serve the best interests of the customers of modern banking and financial services industry, and can be easily customized depending on the use-case. This forms part of a response to situations wherein customers can abandon web-browsing sessions owing to a marked lack of support. Observers in the industry note that an estimated 83% of customers that used real-time chat wanted such a product to help them connect to agents of banks and financial services institutions. With push notifications, powered messaging can get customers back to your app.

Financial Services Businesses can also integrate and use the developer tool in their apps that reside on customers' smartphones and connected tablets. Such functionality allows users to pursue private conversations with them in a bid to seek the best services. In-app text messaging facilitates real-time communication and helps preserve confidentiality in crowded environments such as workplaces and public locations.

The powered user-to-user in-app communication can also be multi-tiered. So, if yours is a financial services platform where investment advisors provide consultation to investors, then you can have advisors provide consultation via messaging to users of a low priced subscription, and provide more personalized consultation via video calling to users of a higher priced subscription.

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