Live Shopping for Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

Live Shopping for Beauty & Cosmetic Industry to create in-store shopping experiences online and promote your beauty products with authenticity!

Add Live Stream Shopping and Real-time Buyer Engagement to your Sales & Marketing Stack.

Livestream Shopping for Beauty & Cosmetics industry
Beauty & Cosmetics Brands using Live Shopping Platform to boost sales

Live Streaming Shopping generates sufficient interest in your beauty products amongst buyers, thus inducing them to place their order with you. Hearing experts describe what a product feels or looks like in real-time allows them to get closer to your products. It also creates a sense of urgency among shoppers and a FOMO effect that compels them to buy RIGHT NOW.

Live Shopping for Beauty & Cosmetic Industry, allows buyers to experience beauty and cosmetics products well. Watch an influencer model a new eyeshadow, or an employee demonstrate lipstick swatches in real-time with engaging 2-way interaction, all within your brand’s website and apps.

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In general, buying beauty and cosmetics products requires a lot of thought and consideration. There are different types of products that work for different kinds of people, and expertise is needed to decide which one to choose. That decision is likely to be highly personal, so the consideration factor is very much there.

Hence Live Stream Shopping Platform is an ideal choice for the beauty and cosmetics industry as it empowers brands to be consultative and help consumers navigate the multitude of products in real-time.

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 Beauty & Cosmetics Brands using Live Video Shopping Platform to enhance customer experience

Use cases of Live Shopping for Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

  • Product demonstrations & launches, with easy ordering

  • Collaborating with other industry experts or influencers to create and publish content

  • Conducting live interviews or Q&A sessions

  • Hosting virtual makeup classes & live streaming flash sales

  • Streaming makeup / grooming tutorials and how-to’s

 Clients successfully witnessing results with Livestream Shopping Platform
Clients successfully Boosting Sales with Livestream Shopping Platform

Live Shopping Success Story

JUNGLUCK, a Germany-based skincare brand is using Live Stream Shopping Platform to get the large-scale customer reach that is important for its success. Aside from generating revenue, the brand is experiencing a boost in Customer Interactions by 70% and an increase in Add-to-Carts of over 30%. Live Stream Shopping Platform is enabling Dermalogica to provide livestream experiences that allow buyers to learn how to apply their products, interact with the skincare experts, receive discounts and bonuses, and purchase products all at once, all through one seamless experience. All this is generating massive sales and customer engagement for the brand.

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