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You’re probably here because both and Livescale seem like effective Video Commerce Platforms and you can’t pick between the two.

Here’s a detailed, objective, and structured comparison between the both that can give you the answer.

Discover why is the ideal alternative to Livescale for boosting Sales and Engagement. vs Livescale at a Glance

Free Plan
Dedicated Shopify App
Dedicated Dashboard
Host App
Product Spotlight
Real-time Products Update
Product Spotlight Playback
Buyer Interface - Reactions
Chat Moderation - Pinned Message
Chat Moderation - Quote/Reply Messages
Chat Moderation - Ban/Unban
Chat Moderation - Delete Message
Chat Moderation - Profanity filter
Chat Moderation - Enable/Disable Chat
In Show/Video Add-to-cart
Cart Management
Custom Branding
Email & SMS Notifications
Simulcasting/Social Media Integration
RTMP Support
Engagement Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Customizable Buyer Interface
Media Assets/Graphics Overlay
Show Embed Feature
Shoppable Videos
Playlists for Live Shows/Shoppable Videos
Floating Live Video

What makes the best Livescale alternative?

For Ecommerce Brands seeking to elevate Sales and Engagement, is the ultimate choice. Our Platform ensures swift Adoption, robust Dual-Hosting, and direct Buyer Engagement through numerous features all designed to boost ROI and enhance Brand Awareness

Here are some additional reasons that make the preferred choice over Livescale.

Quick Sales

  • Smooth add-to-cart & checkout
  • Triggers to accelerate purchases
  • Highlighting discounts
  • Scalable Platform allows Unlimited Buyer Audience in shows
Explore why is the perfect alternative to Livescale for boosting Revenue. Benefit from quick checkout, purchase triggers, and a scalable platform to elevate ROI and brand awareness.
Discover why excels as the top Livescale alternative as a Live Shopping Platform. Swift adoption, robust dual-hosting, and direct buyer engagement ensure enhanced ROI and brand awareness.

Improved Business Metrics

  • Improved Average Order Value
  • Increased Customer Retention Rates
  • Reduced Streaming Delay
  • Self Served Sign-up


  • Robust Engagement analytics
  • Robust Commerce analytics
  • Decision-making that promotes constant growth
Choose over Livescale for robust analytics and features driving engagement and sales
Enhance engagement and boost ROI with, the standout alternative to Livescale for ecommerce brands

Distribution made easy

  • Simulcasting to social media platforms
  • Fast load times
  • Unique links for easy sharing on marketing channels
  • Embeddable scripts

Unlimited Perks

  • Guided Onboarding
  • ZERO Commission on Sales
  • Email, Live Chat & WhatsApp Support
  • Complete theme matching
Elevate your ecommerce game with, the top choice over Livescale for boosting ROI and brand awareness.

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When it comes to Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos, stands out as the clear frontrunner. With its extensive Features, Multiple E-commerce Platform Integrations, and user-friendly interface, it offers a comprehensive Video Commerce Solution for modern Ecommerce and D2C Brands across Industries.