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Free Plan
Free Trial
Dedicated Shopify App
Dedicated Dashboard
Host App
Product Spotlight
Real-time Products Update
Product Spotlight Playback
Buyer Interface - Reactions
Chat Moderation - Pinned Message
Chat Moderation - Quote/Reply Messages
Chat Moderation - Ban/Unban
Chat Moderation - Delete Message
Chat Moderation - Profanity filter
Chat Moderation - Enable/Disable Chat
In Show/Video Add-to-cart
Cart Management
Custom Branding
Email & SMS Notifications
Simulcasting/Social Media Integration
RTMP Support
Engagement Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Customizable Buyer Interface
Media Assets/Graphics Overlay
Show Embed Feature
Shoppable Videos
Playlists for Live Shows/Shoppable Videos
Floating Live Video

What makes the best Firework alternative? emerges as the top pick for Ecommerce Brands aiming to expand through a robust Video Commerce Platform that offers plenty of effective Features and a higher Return on Investment.

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Exceptional Experiences

  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • HD Video
  • Makes products stand out
Make the switch to, the premier Firework alternative for Video Elevate your ecommerce game with our top-notch Video Commerce platform, the ultimate Firework alternative.

Maximize E-Commerce Success

  • Higher Repeat Orders
  • Enhanced AOV
  • Low Latency
  • Self Served Sign-up

Easy Go Live

  • Host Apps
  • Pre-recorded Video
  • RTMP & OBS
Discover why is the ultimate Firework alternative for Ecommerce Brands, offering enhanced ROI and seamless integration
Discover why is the premier Firework alternative, offering effortless setup and powerful features for Video Commerce success

Distribution made easy

  • Simulcasting to social media platforms
  • Fast load times
  • Unique links for easy sharing on marketing channels
  • Embeddable scripts

Unlimited Perks

  • Usage-based Pricing
  • ZERO Commission on Sales
  • Email, Live Chat & WhatsApp Support
  • Complete theme matching
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