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Nowadays, a popular trend which can change the future of any brand is messaging. Having a messaging feature is a prerequisite for SocialEngine powered Community to continue writing the success stories, as it is changing the way people interact with each other hence increasing the user engagement tremendously. seamlessly integrates with SocialEngine Web + Mobile Apps to provide such rich & engaging Messaging, Video & Voice Calling experiences.

Loved by SocialEngine Communities

I like the user-friendly interface, real-time conversations I can have with members and ability to move away from email as the core communication method.

Sian Harrington


The People Space Leaders Community is an Overall Package with Voice/ Video Calling and other attractive features which are best for any community. I sure recommend it to everybody.

Vannarith Sean


LikeCambodia Community has made it possible for my social network members to video chat and call each other. This has increased engagement and retention on my website and app.

Damien Blackwell


UniqueThis Community

Adding Real Value to your SE community

  • Engagement


    Channelize is proven to increase User Engagement, which matters most for communities' growth, by 10X !

  • Growth


    Best messaging experience with Push Notifications keep users hooked and increase communities' growth by 27% !

  • Churn


    Real-time messaging adds great value to communities, which reduces Churn rate by 18% !

Deep integration with SocialEngine

  • Easy Setup & Data Migration

    Easy Setup & Data Migration

    Existing conversations on your community are retained.

  • Open Windows for Monetization

    Open Windows for Monetization

    Role-Based Access Control to Different Member Levels to Hide/Unhide, providing monetization opportunities.

  • Website


    Easily accessible, attractive chat window that allows multiple chats simultaneously.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Perfectly located messaging tabs in SE Mobile Apps.

  • Key aspects of Integration

    Key aspects of Integration

    Privacy Controls (member blocking), Friendships, User Online / Offline Status, Member Profile & Photo, Matching Theme (branding).

  • Single Sign-on

    Single Sign-on

    Users don't have to sign-in again to use Channelize, just single login to their community will give access to Channelize inside.

Making Real-time Messaging easier than ever

  • Feature Rich

    Feature Rich

    Similar to Facebook/WhatsApp Messenger in itself. It's amazing features are worth exploring. We're also quick at rolling out new features like Voice & Video Calling, Stickers + GIFs, Location Sharing, etc.

  • No Separate Mobile Apps

    No Separate Mobile Apps

    Channelize Mobile SDK is easy to integrate with your existing Apps. We also have pre-built deeper integration with SocialEngineAddOns / Other Mobile Apps powered by SocialEngine.

  • Mobile Friendly, Intuitive UI

    Mobile Friendly, Intuitive UI

    Channelize Web Interface is Mobile Friendly. Check our demos to see how Channelize is providing a WOW messaging experience.

Integrating Channelize is as easy as 1-2-3


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