Powerful Chat & Calling features for
your dynamic use-cases.


Enable real-time messaging and calls between users

Incorporate real-time chat features into digital products & rich & engaging text chat, video and voice calling experiences for boosting user engagement and enabling new revenue streams.

1-to-1 and Group Messaging

Channelize.io supports both 1-1 chat and group messaging which allows multiple types of conversations, thus expanding your app’s usability & engagement.

Video and Voice Calling

Take user-to-user conversations to the next level & Video and Voice Calling feature.

Media Rich Conversations

Let your users engage & others via more meaningful ways that offer freedom of expression via sharing Images, Videos, Audio, Location, Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs.

Smart Push Notifications

Allow your users to receive real-time updates when the app is running in the background or a device is idle.

Delivery & Read Receipts

Increase interaction in 1-to-1 conversations & read receipts, delivery status of messages and count of unread messages.

Typing Indicators

The typing indicators make 1-to-1 & group chat feel like an organic, true-to-life interaction.

Multi-language Support

Support for multiple languages in the chat interface lets your users chat in their local language & ease.

User-to-user blocking

Avoid unwanted interaction by blocking spammers and toxic users.

Bot Engine Support

Rapidly integrate your Chatbot Engine built using Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, etc, or a custom flow-based bot.


Measure, Analyse, and Act to accelerate your business.

Arm yourself & an interactive dashboard, engaging reports, and admin capabilities packed together to serve your business needs.

Broadcast Messages

Drive higher user engagement by delivering messages to a vast user base on discussion & updates within the app, & 1-to-N broadcast feature.

Chat Analytics

Measure the usage and the true impact of real-time messaging in your business.

Data Export

Pull out messages, conversations, and user data from your app, and output the results to JSON formatted files.

Chat Moderation

Monitor, moderate and delete the spam conversations or a particular message of conversation.

User Roles

Determine which all users can have access to real-time messaging.


Integrating Channelize is as easy as 1-2-3

Channelize.io seamlessly integrates into websites and mobile apps to provide real-time messaging, video & voice calling using pre-built integrations, ready to get live pre-built UI and webhooks.

Pre-built Integrations

Add a modern chat interface seamlessly into your brand’s website and mobile apps in just a few mins.

Pre-built UI

Don't build the UI from scratch. Use our pre-built UI to reduce the go-to-market time.

Webhooks Support

Build new features at the top of existing ones using webhooks.


Next-Generation Chat Infrastructure

Purpose-built from the ground up for real-time messaging, calling, ease of use, scale, and enterprise governance.

Instant Response Time

Send real-time messages & minimal latency without compromising user experience.

Speed at Scale

Maintain thousands of concurrent connections and send hundreds of messages instantly.

Easily Grow Data and Users as You Go

Channelize.io grows as your usage grows, so you can scale out to any data size without compromising user experience.

Reliable, Always on Access

Rest easy knowing that chat infrastructure is always ready-to-go. You’ll never lose your data.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Set up and go. Experts continuously monitor the health of the clusters and intelligently repairs them when needed.

Secure Access at Scale

Fine-grained permissions for millions of users, we ensure only authorized users have access to the right set of data.


Unleash a Powerful yet Eye-Catching chat interface unbelievably quickly!

Build chat exactly how you want to achieve for all use-cases like live chat, online consultation & tutoring, team collaboration, messaging, customer support and gaming chat.

Open Source Front-End UI Kits

Build better chat experiences with customizable, repeatable and scalable open-source front-end UI kits for multiple Web, Android and iOS frameworks.

Pre-built Angular App

Ready-made plug and play UI to ship out quickly & some easy customizations like color, typography, options, etc.

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