Live Shopping

Transform the way you sell online with our complete live stream shopping solution.

Sell, Educate, Engage & Entertain, all at the same time!

Live Selling for Brands

Create engaging experiences for your buyers and unlock sales via Live Video Shopping within your Apps & Website.
Remember, nothing is more intimate than selling LIVE!
  • Boosts Buyer Engagement

  • Enhances Product Experiences

  • Drives Shoppertainment

  • Accelerates Purchase Decisions
    and Product Sales

  • Builds Trust and Authenticity

  • Unmatched Outreach & Scale

  • Easy to Adopt and Use

  • Gives a Face to your Brand

  • Makes you Approachable

  • Creates a Sense of Urgency

We're proud to help 100+ Brands grow with Livestream Shopping!

Why Shoppers love Live Commerce

Shoppers today want more than just a product, and Live selling curates that retail
experience that your buyers desire by adding an “in-store” feel to online shopping.
  • Personalization

  • Real-time two-way

  • Convenient

  • Entertaining

  • Easy to Consume

  • Engaging & Authentic content

  • Better Product Experiences

  • Sense of Realism

  • Generates Curiosity

  • Buy during the LIVE experience

Essential Components’s Essential Components that successfully launch Live Shopping and Real-time Engagement
feature for your buyers and users, without reinventing the wheel.
  • API & Web-hooks

    Build scalable features with’s simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable APIs and Web-hooks.

  • SDKs & UI Kits

    Move to production fast with the pre-built UI Kits and SDKs providing all required features with the ability to customize UI exactly the way you need.

  • Customer Support

    A combination of useful resources covering all aspects of API and UI SDKs and a supportive team of developers help you launch live shopping features with ease.

  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

    Grow your business without worrying about the scalability of your infrastructure. Support up to a Million large Audiences.

  • Pre-built Integration Solutions

    Pre-built integrations for popular e-commerce platforms make it as easy as plug-and-play.

  • Analytics

    Measure the true impact of real-time engagement, and act to accelerate your business.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamlessly integrates into your existing website and apps, or you can even launch standalone applications with live shopping as the core feature. Furthermore, you can also integrate with your Ad Managers and existing Marketing Stack.

  • Developer Integration

    With our developer documentation, help center, and demos you will swiftly figure out how to integrate our platform.

  • White Label

    Completely white-label to reflect your brand.

Launch the Way you Like

  • Easily integrate into your existing eCommerce Store, Mobile Apps & Website

  • Launch as standalone Video Shopping App & Website

  • Integrate with your Ad Managers and existing Marketing Stack

  • Mobile Apps for Show Hosts (Influencers Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Brand Advocates & Employees)

Integrate seamlessly with popular Ecommerce Platforms

Powering Real-time Engagement for
Brands & Communities

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