Deliver quality care to your patients through our HIPAA Compliant
Telemedicine solution effortlessly!

Remotely examine & screen your patients, view health records & diagnostic reports, and share
prescriptions without worrying about the Doctor's or the Patient’s security being compromised.

Benefits of this Telemedicine Solution

For Healthcare Organizations & Health-tech Providers

Telemedicine solutions build communication capabilities between the healthcare providers and the healthcare receivers that ensures growth and revenue generation for the healthcare organizations.

  • Unmatched, fast time-to-market
  • Safe, Secure and Effective Platform
  • Usable as a standalone solution
  • API for using alongside existing EHR & Healthcare systems

For Doctors & Clinicians

With Teleconsultation solution, expand your reach and securely provide consultation to your patients from a remote location.

  • No location boundaries
  • Experiences that keep doctors happy and patients in trust
  • Flexibility to choose doctors’ availability and time slots
  • Easily receive payments online through secure payment gateways
  • Cost and Time-Saving

For Patients

Time constraints, geographical barriers, and full waiting rooms can often be a great source of tension for patients. With Teleconsultation solution, eliminate this hassle and access real-time healthcare remotely.

  • 24x7 Availability of Healthcare Experts
  • Prompt Medical Attention
  • Cost-Effective
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Easy access to doctors even if you’re out of the town
  • Digitally saved prescriptions for later access

Some Key Features

HIPAA compliant Doctor - Patient Chat and Call

Real-time Chat, HD Video & Voice Calls and Audio Notes

Symptoms collection, Diagnostic Reports & Prescriptions sharing on Chat

Easy Appointment scheduling and management

Flexibility for doctors to choose available days and time.

Option to enable Free Follow-ups post appointment

Appointment reminders via email for both doctor and patient.

100% responsive, no need to have a Mobile App

Detailed, personalized & intuitive dashboard for doctors & patients

Cross-browser compatibility

Completely white-label and customizable

API for expanding possibilities, including integrations with EHR, Billing Systems, etc

And more...

Get the ready-to-launch Telemedicine solution at a price starting
from $0.2 per consultation and costing lesser as you scale.

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