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  • Host Live & Engaging Sessions
  • Showcase your Brand and bring In-store experience online
  • Promote products of your choice and sell instantly!
  • Engage with customers in Real time
  • Build relationships & trust with high touchpoint interaction
  • Increase stickiness of your existing Website & Apps
  • Gamification and more to trigger customer impulses!
  • Leverage recordings for engagement after live sessions are over

Turn Visitors to Engaged Viewers, and Viewers to Customers

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  • Use our API, SDKs & Webhooks
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  • Completely white label to
    reflect your brand

  • Leverage our pre-built solutions
    for popular Ecommerce Platforms

  • Integrate swiftly & seamlessly with
    your existing Website & Apps

  • Integrate with your Ad Managers
    and existing Marketing Stack

Integrate seamlessly with popular Ecommerce Platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Shopping or Live Commerce can be defined as the merger of real-time streaming videos and shopping services. To put it simply, live shopping offers brands the ability to demonstrate and ultimately sell products to a live audience that can communicate in that live experience.

Let's go back a few decades to understand the present iteration of live commerce. Home Shopping Channels and live shopping networks like QVC started to appear on televisions during the late 70s and early to mid-80s. The channels would invite hosts to run their shows and when celebrity backed products began to circulate in the market, influential personalities would appear on these channels to pitch directly to customers. Customers could tune into these channels, see what’s for sale and shop immediately from the comfort of their home.

Live Commerce has completely digitized the home shopping experience via websites and apps. Thus we can say that live stream shopping has brought home shopping into the mobile age.

Live video shopping gives retailers a way to deliver live shopping experiences resembling the in-store store experience. This personalized experience encourages in-show purchases. Viewers can see products being listed and talked about by a host of a live show. With a seamless checkout process shoppers can purchase products without having to leave a live show. During such live shopping shows, audiences can leave comments via live chat and can react in real time with likes and emojis. All this interaction makes for a far more engaging shopping experience than simply adding an item to a shopping cart.

Live video shopping first rose in China whereby eCommerce giants began conducting live shopping shows hosted by celebrities. After China, the US also began to catch up with this technology of selling live and generated huge profit.

As per reports Live Shopping garnered $60 billion in global sales in 2019. Undoubtedly China dominated the market while $1 billion of sales were generated from the United States. Because of this success, live shopping has become a key shopping channel for shoppers all over the world including countries like the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Europe, Canada etc.

When you leverage live shopping you give shoppers the opportunity to interact with you in real-time and experience your products in ways that lead to quicker purchase decisions. In other words, it empowers Real-time 2-way communication.


Well, when buyers join your live shopping show, they can participate in the running commentary about whatever they're seeing, so there's immediate interaction.

When viewers are in that moment, watching live content, they have an emotional reaction. And this reaction is important for brands as audiences are more likely to purchase from a brand that they have an emotional connection with.

Live commerce opens a new world of possibilities for brands to be able to connect with buyers on an emotional level, instantaneously, to significantly drive sales. Hence livestream e-commerce is definitely going to be the future of shopping - and it's time for you to take advantage of the growing trend.

The best part about the holidays is the refreshing Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies and sales. This is the time when brands can yield enormous sales and boost customer loyalty.

Recent shifts in buyers’ behavior has forced many brands to rethink their sales and marketing strategies – and Black Friday and cyber Monday is no exception. So, how can brands prepare for the potential surge during the holiday season?

In addition to offering shoppers the convenience of online shopping combined with authenticity, live video shopping is becoming increasingly important to businesses who want to stay ahead in order to meet their customers' changing expectations. Furthermore, Live Shopping is one such tech trend that gives brands the ability to adapt to the digital era and experiment with this new sales channel and boost their sales especially during the holiday season. So If you’re looking to optimize your store for the holiday season Livestream Shopping can be the best Choice.

Getting started early allows you to find the right formula for your business and experience livestream eCommerce's advantages first-hand.

  • Dashboard for Store Admins
  • Broadcaster Apps for your Hosts / Influencers / KOLs / Employees to go Live
  • Buyer Interface consisting of Live Shop Page, Live Show, and more! Live Shopping Platform easily integrates into websites and apps, with pre-built integrations available for popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

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Our Pricing is based on the following 3 factors:

  • No. of Events / Shows per month
  • Max Duration of Events (mins)
  • Max Concurrent Audience, or Total Audience per Event

Our platform does not have any restrictions in place for the number of shows or the number of audiences. An overage pricing applies for usage beyond that which comes with your plan.

We offer a generous free plan for Shopify Owners. Shopify Owners can simply Install our Live Stream Shopping app for Free and Upgrade as they Scale-up!

Producing a successful live show will boost your revenue, grow your buyers, build brand affinity and boost brand awareness.

But creating the most enjoyable and valuable live stream experience can be tricky. Hence it is important to leverage the right content strategies for Live Commerce that will educate, entertain, and engage your consumers, all at the same time.

Creating a sense of exclusivity, running a contest, sharing your brand story, launching a new product, hosting giveaways and collaborating with a brand advocate, influencer or celebrity and streaming complementary content are all great ways to keep target buyers and customers hooked onto your live show.

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Brand value is built on authenticity, the more authentic your brand is, the more loyalty you will receive in return. Thus you need to recreate a sense of authenticity to drive customer loyalty. Live stream shopping enables brands to become more transparent with their buyers which in turn builds trust, enriches buyers’ experience, and keeps them coming back for more.

Live streaming a how-to tutorial, a live product demonstration or never-seen-before content like videos of products being made reflects the authenticity of a brand. Furthermore giving customers an insight into company culture, interviewing an employee in real-time, etc builds stronger connections with your customers as customers love seeing the humans behind a brand.

Hence live streaming shopping is the key to building a brand’s authenticity

Livestream Shopping is one of the most discussed trends in ecommerce today. Combining advancements in technology with the nostalgia of at-home shopping, Live Shopping fosters a sense of community with customers. Started in China, Live Video Shopping is growing globally enabling buyers to participate in the testing, learning and shopping experience in a way that standard retail doesn’t have the space for.

Today Western retailers are increasingly experimenting with live video shopping and are attaining their sales goal. Live Shopping in the USA is especially gaining momentum. Live commerce has become widely embraced as more and more countries like the US, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia are jumping onto this bandwagon. This is how the technology is emerging globally.

Furthermore, Live Stream Shopping is a new technology that has given a boost to the E-commerce Industry. With Live Shopping, customers can gain an understanding of the functionality, quality, and use of a product. Retailers of all kinds can use this opportunity to improve their Product Experiences and generate revenues.

Since it's a live shopping show you can simply hit that “go live” button and sell effortlessly. But for a live shopping show to be successful you need to prepare beforehand. Invest in a proper setup containing a professional backdrop, like one with your logo, tripod stand, ring light and audio mixer etc which can help to brand your shows and give them some visual consistency.

Furthermore, when you integrate Live stream Shopping Platform you really don't have to worry about the equipment. The host of your show simply needs to download the Broadcaster App, available for both iOS and Android. You can also invite brand ambassadors, influencers or KOL from anywhere around the world to host your livestream show. They will just need the Broadcaster App to host your live shopping shows.

Shoppers today want more than just a product, they want to feel a connection with a brand. They look for personalization, better product experiences, interactive shopping environments, and much more. With Live Streaming Shopping brands are able to fulfill consumers' expectations while generating sales.

Hence brands across industries are Implementing sales strategies like running flash sales, limited time offers, deals and discounts, auctions, live contests, and giveaways during live shopping shows to sell their products. Shopping has helped 100+ brands across industries to grow with Livestream Shopping. Read Live Shopping Success Stories of Our Clients to see how we can help you achieve your revenue goals. has launched the Embed Code Feature that enables brands to showcase or promote their live shopping shows on their websites or ecommerce stores by simply pasting the embed code snippet wherever they wish to showcase shopping shows. This powerful feature helps brands gain visibility and viewers' attention.

Want to learn more about this powerful feature? Check out our blog!

The success of a live shopping show depends on how your buyer audiences engage with you, your brand, your products. Interactive and engaging live shopping shows help keep your audiences active and engaged.

Hosting an engaging and entertaining live shopping show boils down to prep work. Your goal should always be to have ways of engaging your audience.

Here is how you can create the most enjoyable and valuable live stream experience.

Introduce Curiosity

Plant a seed at the beginning of your Live Shopping Show that’s tied to a benefit for audiences. It could be an offer or reward that is contingent on your audience watching until the end.

Speak Directly to Audiences

Calling audience members out by name is a great way to make them feel special and involved. A really smart way to speak directly to viewers is by thanking them for their comments and support throughout your live shopping show.

Introduce a Giveaway

Introducing a giveaway during a live shopping show is more likely to generate audience interest and participation.

Host a Q&A

To increase both the quantity and quality of engagement, host a Q&A session. Q&A session gives customers a sense of connectedness with your brand and helps them know products better.

Show off your Setup

A sneak peek at your setup will help your audience get to know you better leading to brand credibility.

Share Product and Brand Updates

Creating an authentic brand means sharing more. Updates about what’s going on with your brand, your products, give your audience a closer look at your brand.

Share Insights on New Trends

By sharing insights and trends relevant to the industry you cater to, you position your brand as a source of valuable and insightful information about your niche.


Collaborating with influencers can be a surprise element for your audiences and when a trendsetting influencer conveys your message to a relevant audience, your brand is seen as more relevant and credible.

The Multistreaming aka Simulcasting Feature of our Platform empowers retailers to simultaneously broadcast Live Video Shopping Shows across popular platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The feature will amplify the impact of their live shopping shows, enabling them to capture large, highly-engaged audiences on third-party sites and drive them to owned online stores for engagement and conversion. In addition, we provide a platform-independent Custom Integration. As a result, brands can multistream via custom RTMP connections to any platform that provides a Stream URL and Stream Key.

Here are some advantages of using this feature:

  • Increases the number of visitors to the website.
  • Improves brand recognition and exposure.
  • Allows you to reach out to a wide range of customers.
  • Allows you to take advantage of each platform, whether it's Facebook or YouTube.
  • Makes it easier for you to interact with the community.

Read our Blog to know more about this powerful feature.

The Live Stream Shopping trend is increasingly popular with direct-to-consumer brands today. This is due to the fact that Live Video Shopping enables D2C brands to stand out from eCommerce marketplaces. D2C brands can offer a personalized nature of the customer experience via Live Video Shopping. As a result, D2C brands with their own websites or apps resonate more with customers, thus resulting in increased sales.

The following are some ways Live Stream Shopping gives D2C brands the edge over marketplaces.

  • Provides a Digitalized Brick-and-Mortar Experience
  • Quickly Generates Enormous Sales
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Creating a Community around the Brand
  • Higher Customer Retention Rate
  • Greater Brand Control
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