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Live Shopping For Shoplazza

Maximize the potential of Live Shopping by incorporating Channelize.io Live Shopping App into your Shoplazza Store.

Sell Live & Boost Sales

Captivate online shoppers through a compelling, interactive, and immersive Live Selling experience, effectively boosting Conversion Rates.

  • Introduce new products and highlight their applications to attract Buyers
  • Provide enticing shopping experiences that build Brand Awareness
  • Connect with today's shoppers wherever they are and enhance Product Experiences

Sell Live & Drive Customer Engagement

Harness the exceptional capabilities of our Live Shopping App to drive Sales, while delivering meaningful shopping experiences that resonate with shoppers and foster long-term customer Loyalty and Value.

  • Engage in real-time interactions and retarget Buyers effectively
  • Engage in Live Chats with buyers and promptly address their inquiries
  • Gain valuable insights into product performance and optimize business outcomes

Channelize.io is proven to




Increase in Buyer Retention


Higher Sales

Unlock the potential of selling effectively

See how Channelize.io can redefine your E-commerce experience and drive unprecedented growth.