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Live Shopping for Banking Financial Services Insurance Industry

With Live Shopping for Banking Financial Services Insurance Industry, enhance awareness about your products & services and boost Sales.

Include Live Video Shopping and Real-Time Buyer Engagement in your Sales & Marketing strategies.

Livestream Shopping for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance industry
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Brands using Live Shopping Platform to boost revenue

With the potential to offer real-time content that is authentic, interactive and useful for your products & brand, Live Shopping for Banking Financial Services Insurance Industry can be highly effective. It offers your prospects the convenience of receiving virtual guidance on banking, financial & insurance products and services. It can help to show your prospects every aspect of an offering and get answers to their questions on the spot.

With Live Shopping Platform, you can stream your video content in an exciting way and foster “in-the-moment” engagement, which is very important for selling banking, financial services and insurance products.

You can bring subject matter experts on board to answer the audience’s queries or to conduct an advisory session. We offer Embed Code, Product Spotlight, Add-to-Cart, Pinned Messages, Chat Moderation, and other features that allow brands to create an unmatched brand experience and reputation.

The well-designed live video interface allows banking buyers to easily purchase your products while they’re viewing your live stream. Livestream shopping shows can be recorded and used for video commerce later. You can easily promote your streams through Social Media to get traffic, increase sales, and create buzz.

Use cases of Live Shopping for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry

  • Marketing of banking financial service & insurance products.

  • Hosting informative, advisory sessions and inviting industry experts to co-host

  • Streaming complementary content that can enhance your brand perception, like sessions for improving financial literacy etc.

Brands promoting & selling Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Services & Products via Live Shopping Platform

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  • Promoting your streams on social media platforms

  • Selling special products, services, packages and deals. Packaging advisory services for financial products purchased during live shows

  • Offering limited-time deals during live shows

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