Engage your Community Members with interactive Chat Features

The Channelize.io product is tuned for use by enterprises that wish to seed and grow a customer-driven online community. The real-time communication provided by the Channelize.io developer tool allows businesses to implement a tried and tested digital communication tool in new (and existing) websites and mobile apps.

Our Chat SDK and Messaging API are rigorously tested for seamless integration into websites and mobile apps. Users of an online community or events platform might assist each other with questions, suggestions, answers, etc.

The core premise of the Channelize.io developer tool is to help you promote efficient, anytime communication between users. Such actions build users’ trust and confidence in an online community, thereby driving the attainment of business objectives and yielding higher conversions.

The human connections fostered by an empowered community help generate trusted experiences that can be shared by users and community members. Channelize.io encourages human connections by creating engaging chat experiences through multiple touch points.

Information is critical to commercial engagement, and helps to bear fruit in terms of actual transactions. In modern times, real-time messaging helps connect members inside an online community. The Channelize.io developer tool empowers enterprises to develop online communities that may comprise influencers / experts and beginners, buyers and sellers, product (and service) reviewers and potential clients – among other actors.

Channelize.io helps you make interactions amongst your users very easy, and these interactions have the potential to boost engagement on your community manifold. In-app messaging is the best way for organic growth of your community.

In-App Communication in an online community enable users to help each other and work together. When users solve each other’s problems, it increases camaraderie and the value of your community. Thus, such communication helps them build better relationships on your platform.

When your users keep getting more value from your community, they would keep coming back to it. Member retention is crucial for communities to sustain themselves.

Clients have attested to the sheer utility of deploying the Channelize.io developer tool to launch chat and voice-calling services inside their websites and mobile apps. Further, Channelize.io allows enterprises to migrate legacy chat conversations into their new Channelize.io powered messaging features.

Channelize.io enables members of your community to communicate with each other on your platform without sharing their private confidential information like phone number or email. Users can even block other users, and hence such communication on your platform is safe & secure for your members.

Channelize.io powered communication can be tied to subscriptions on your online community. Hence, users subscribed to a lower plan on your community can get to communicate via messaging only, but those subscribed to a higher plan would be able to communicate via Video & Voice Calling as well.

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