Get connected to every side of your On-Demand Market with In-App Messaging

On-demand primarily signifies Online-to-Offline (O2O) commerce. The term has gained momentum in recent years, wherein modern technologies are empowering enterprises to drive customers from digital shopping spaces to brick-and-mortar retail locations. These also include local stores and flagship destinations in the real world. Typically, O2O allows business enterprises to harvest the benefits that stem from online marketing and advertising techniques while driving concurrent campaigns and promotions in brick-and-mortar locations. powered in-app messaging helps on-demand businesses to grow.

The developer tool enables on-demand businesses to drive real-time communication between their service providers, employees, agents and customers. The messaging API is finely calibrated to promote in-app messaging, thereby allowing businesses, merchants, and enterprises to build trust and confidence among clients and customers. On-Demand in itself means real-time, exactly the type of communication offered by the developer tool.

The instant messenger, when integrated in on-demand marketplace platforms, allows customers to initiate text chats and voice chats with a range of product sellers and service providers.

Various types of on-demand platforms like home services, concierge services, health-test at home, taxi services, food delivery, logistics, etc can utilize to expand their commercial footprint and improve their standards of service delivery. provides a rich Chat API, with features that include Location Sharing, sending File Attachments, etc. These features are very useful for on-demand services applications. For instance, a customer can share his or her location with a service provider, or an artist can share a sample of his or her work (or concept design) prior to sealing a contract with customers, etc.

These features can also be used as Compliance Enablers. For instance, a carpenter might share daily progress with a customer via videos or photos, or a cleaner might share a video of the cleaned area with his or her manager after completing assigned duties, etc.

In-app messaging between Service Providers and Customers would remove the need for them to communicate via other mediums such as phone call, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. You can even monitor conversations and mask sharing of phone numbers. This reduces the chances of customers engaging directly with the service provider outside your platform.

In-app messaging would also remove the need for sharing of private contact information like Phone Number and Email between Service Providers and Customers.

The developer tool seamlessly integrates with any Web + Mobile Apps to provide rich and engaging Messaging, Video & Voice Calling experiences. The Chat API, SDKs and Webhooks also allow creation of custom workflows. Merchants and service providers can leverage these significant O2O capabilities to deliver enhanced commercial messages and generate greater mindshare among customers and clients. The developer tool ensures you restrict your users from moving outside your core apps for communication.

If yours is a software development company that builds on-demand marketplaces for its Clients, then you can partner with us to provide enhanced offerings to your clients with powered user-to-user in-app communication.

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