Enhance your E-Learning Platforms with Real-Time Chat API

The modern education industry can utilize the Channelize.io developer tool for In-App Communication in many areas such as school and college websites, parent-teacher / student-teacher portals, etc. It can also drive initiatives that center on tele-education, and emerge as a moving spirit behind online tutoring sessions. The product can admirably serve as a platform that enables real-time communication in the above scenario and digitally connect all members of an educational ecosystem. Such communication can include complete lesson delivery, quick help about academic courses, student benefits, tuition fees, career counselling, student enrolment procedures, questions related to placements, parent-teacher meetings, and many more.

Channelize.io powered rich messaging enables sharing of Videos, Photos, Files, Emojis, etc too in addition to text messaging. Voice messaging enables easy delivery of instructions. Video & Voice Calling also expand the utility of such communications to online lesson delivery, online parent-teacher meeting, and more. Hence, these enable your education platform to become modern and effective.

With Channelize.io’s Messaging API, Chat SDKs and Webhooks, custom workflows can also be built for such communications.

The Channelize.io developer tool, when deployed inside an app, can enable school-parent communication. This gains high relevance because more and more colleges and universities are actively offering online learning courses. In such a scenario, a platform to chat with teachers and problem solvers can provide immense support to students that desire to enroll in a variety of courses.

The interactive experience gains steam with the considerable in-app messaging capabilities built into the Channelize.io developer tool. Teachers that offer remote instruction to students can use the product to design a better learning experience for their students. In-app text, video interactions, voice interactions, and emojis – when deployed appropriately – can create significantly richer teaching and learning experience for students, faculty, and teachers.

The Chat SDK and Chat API of the Channelize.io developer tool is geared to provide live chat support to students, their guardians, and their parents. Schools and colleges may position education counsellors appropriately to answer the questions of students. In addition, the easy and managed accessibility of teachers and staff of colleges and universities will create a student-friendly image that may help institutions attract faculty and students from diverse backgrounds.

The use of the Channelize.io communication enabler ensures that parents will not get to know the personal contact number of teachers. This prevents any undue disturbance to teachers on their personal communication mediums.enable the sharing of rich content like Videos and Photos.

Channelize.io allows administrators to moderate in-app messaging. Hence, the admin can take action on any undesirable communication, thus creating a safe communication environment.

If you are an Ed-tech venture, you can integrate Channelize.io to add real-time messaging features. If you are an Educational Software development company, you can partner with us to bundle our product with your offerings.

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