Don’t lose your users to WhatsApp, integrate Real-Time Messaging on your platform

Humans aspire for companionship to fulfill a variety of psychological, physiological and emotional needs. Dating and matrimony have evolved over the ages to satisfy these requirements. There is a lot of potential for businesses in the dating and matrimony spaces, as every country, region, religion and gender has its own practices and preferences. However, the one common need of all of these is: easy and effective communication between partners. The developer tool facilitates such communication very well, and can thus become the winning tool of your Dating and Matrimonial App.

Modern dating apps work by attracting a large pool of active users, creating a romantic match between appropriate pairs of users, and driving user engagement through interesting features. Therefore, in-app messaging plays a critical role in fulfilling the mandate of such services. The Chat SDK is designed to power such messaging in your apps very well.

An implementation of the service promotes real-time communication amongst the users of such services, thereby sparking human interactions. Such interactions create growth, engagement and commercial momentum for dating and matrimony service provider by allowing users to communicate with their matched, or probable partner.

Why let your apps be used only to find partners and then have members shift to other communication apps like WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger or Facebook Messenger to interact with each other? Instead, provide rich & engaging messaging and calling features comparable to such popular messaging apps, right within your dating or matrimonial platform.

Engagements and Relationships on such platforms do not go to the next level unless there is easy communication between prospective partners. Enable your platform to provide that with the developer tool. Subsequently, in-app messaging plays an active role in fostering new connections, thereby driving business growth and expanding the commercial mandate of your business.

Privacy and Safety should be amongst the most important concerns of any Dating or Matrimonial Platform. With User-to-user In-App Messaging, you can control that, as your members will not need to share their private contact information like Phone Number, Email Address, Facebook Account, etc. to communicate with each other.

You can choose to make messaging a Premium offering of your dating / matrimonial platform. Hence, while free users will not be able to communicate with other members on your platform, you can allow Paid members to message other members. With a higher plan, you can even allow Video Calls. Messaging Webhooks in also allow you to set quotas for the number of messages certain users can send.

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